NABF’s ministries were created to help fulfill our mission derived from Matthew 28:16-20, The Great Commission.   Our ministries offer and encourage spiritual growth, moral guidance, service activity and social gathering.


We offer the below ministries for our members to serve in:


  • Children's Church (Boys and Girls 5-11yrs)
  • Gideon's Army (Men's Ministry)
  • Gideon's Soldiers (Young men 12-18yrs)
  • Kingdom Daughters (Young women 12-18yrs)
  • Kingdom Women (Women's Ministry)
  • Hallal: Praise, worship and dance ministry.
  • Hospitality Ministry: Serves the church and guest through smiles, hugs, verbal welcomes and service.
  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry: Join together with faith filled Christians and pray for our families, our friends, our communities, our nation and our world.
  • Judah Praise: Our music praise and worship ministry.
  • Male Chorus: Consists of all our male singers from boys to men.
  • Male Ushers: Assist the church in demonstrating excellence in serving the church through hospitable task.
  • Outreach Ministry: Responsible for coordinating various ways to minister to the community.
  • Spoken Word Ministry: Our CD Ministry that’s responsible for sharing the word of God through audio discs.
  • Temple Keepers: Serve the Lord by keeping the Lord’s house clean and in order.